Stoke-on-Trent and Copeland: crucibles of the new political landscape

23 February 2017 | Elections

Voters in Copeland and Stoke-on-Trent Central go to the polls today to choose new MPs. Jack Bridgewater explains why these by-elections represent a major electoral challenge for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour leadership, and perhaps an early indication of the extent to which the aftermath of the EU referendum is reshaping party politics in the UK.

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Back to the Ballot: the 2017 Northern Ireland Assembly Elections

13 February 2017 | Elections

Northern Ireland goes to the polls again on 2 March. The devolved government faces enormous challenges – Brexit, widespread disillusionment with the parties on offer and a power-sharing structure that arguably inhibits progress. Yet, says Annabelle de Heus, little is expected to change. Northern Ireland is gripped by political stasis.

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EU Referendum: Declaration Times and Council Estimates

22 June 2016

When will your area announce their results

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How the major parties will face the EU referendum

20 May 2016 | Elections

Dr Kenneth Bunker looks at the state of the major parties as they head into the EU referendum campaign, and assesses what different results might mean for each of them.

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Nationalist parties face new challenges after the ‘Super Thursday’ elections

18 May 2016 | Elections

The various nationalist parties experienced mixed fortunes in the elections on 5 May, and all are now operating in a different political climate. Dr Kenneth Bunker assesses what challenges lie ahead for the different parties.

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‘Super Thursday’ showed us that British politics has changed for good

17 May 2016 | Elections

May’s elections highlighted the persistence of multi-party politics, the growing distinctiveness of the devolved nations and the diversity of electoral systems. Katie Ghose argues these longer term trends deserve greater attention given the implications they have for the future shape of the UK.

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Improvements in turnout and more partisan voting: PCC Elections 2016

13 May 2016 | Elections

The first Police and Crime Commissioner elections in 2012 are infamous for their abysmally low turnout and the second batch last week thankfully saw some improvement. In this post, Andrew Defty looks at the variation in turnout across the 40 PCC elections to consider the impact of embedding the elections in the electoral cycle, and how this may have resulted in a decline of independent PCCs

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Recovery in the polls: Predicting the London Mayor election result

12 May 2016 | Elections

The reputation of election polling took a battering after failing to predict the 2015 General Election result. Dr Kenneth Bunker looks at how polls fared in the London Mayor election, and what the long-term prospects for election polling are.

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‘Super Thursday’ tells us a lot about voter participation in the UK

10 May 2016 | Elections

Thursday 5 May saw a host of elections happening around the UK, on an unprecedented scale outside of a General Election. Democratic Dashboard's Carl Cullinane looks at what the election campaign tells us about the state of voter participation in the UK.

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Dashboard Results Round Up

06 May 2016

As we gather together the full results data to update the Dashboard, here's a summary of the results so far. We'll keep it updated over the weekend as Council results are confirmed.

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Election 2016: Declaration Times Interactive Map

05 May 2016

What time will the various Welsh, Scottish, London constituencies and English Councils announce their results? Find out with our interactive map.

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Is there hope for electoral reform in the United Kingdom?

05 May 2016 | Elections

With elections across the UK today using a range of alternative electoral systems to First Past The Post, Dr Kenneth Bunker assesses the opportunity for future electoral reform.

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Your guide to using your two choices in the London Mayor and Police Commissioner elections well

05 May 2016 | Elections

British voters are used to having just one vote. But on 5 May this year a record number of voters in England and Wales will be using a two–vote electoral system to choose the London Mayor and Police Commissioners across the country, many for the first time. Wherever you stand politically, Professor Patrick Dunleavy explains how to use both your votes to get more of what you want.

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Scottish election 2016: Mid-Scotland and Fife preview

04 May 2016 | Elections

The Kingdom of Fife is one of the few of Scotland’s regions which has returned a variety of different parties in elections both to Westminster and Holyrood. Here, Juliet Swann offers an overview of electoral fortunes since 1999 and details the 2016 contests. She writes that while a strong performance from the SNP is inevitable, the regional lists could see a variety of other parties secure seats in Holyrood.

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Is Labour’s dominance of Welsh politics under threat?

04 May 2016

Ahead of the Welsh Assembly elections on Thursday 5th May, Roger Scully analyses each party’s prospects.

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Scottish election 2016: The end of Labour’s fortress in Glasgow?

03 May 2016 | Elections

Glasgow, sitting within ‘Red Clydeside’, has long been a Labour citadel, with the party historically weighing rather than counting the vote, such was their dominance. But elections in 2007 and 2010 showed that the City is nowadays willing to look elsewhere politically, with the independence referendum of 2014 accelerating the shift in support from Labour to SNP. Here, Murray Leith looks at the contests, and argues that Glasgow’s days as a Labour fortress are coming to an end.

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Police and Crime Commissioners: The forgotten elections

03 May 2016 | Elections

On May 5, England and Wales will elect police and crime commissioners (PCCs) for the second time, though you may not know about them. Dr Kenneth Bunker looks at what are these elections about, who is in the race, and who might be the winners and losers.

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Scottish election 2016: West Scotland preview

01 May 2016

In our Scottish regional election coverage, Dr Murray Leith of University of the West of Scotland previews the West Scotland constituencies, where the Labour sun may be setting.

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Scottish election 2016: Highlands and Islands preview

30 April 2016 | Elections

Juliet Swann looks at the electoral history of the Highlands and Islands constituency, and picks out the key contests in the election on Thursday 5 May.

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London 2016: What factors will decide who becomes the new mayor?

29 April 2016 | Elections

In advance of the 5 May elections for the office of London Mayor and the London Assembly, Tony Travers and Martin Rogers analyse the issues which may influence the outcome, how demographic change may affect the result and which Assembly constituencies may change hands.

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