South Antrim parliamentary constituency
Election on 8 Jun 2017
2015 General election results
Winner Ulster Unionist Party Gain (2.6% majority)
MP Danny Kinahan
Seat type UUP-DUP Ultra marginal seat
Turnout 54.2% (Total electorate: 67425)
Region Northern Ireland
South Antrim candidates for General election, 2017
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South Antrim results for General election, 2015

Share of election votes

Party Votes Share Swing
Danny Kinahan
UUP 11,942 32.7%
William McCrea
DUP 10,993 30.1%
Declan Kearney
SF 4,699 12.9%
Neil Kelly
AP 3,576 9.8%
Roisin Lynch
SDLP 2,990 8.2%
Richard Cairns
TUV 1,908 5.2%
Alan Dunlop
Con 415 1.1%
Last four MPs
Danny Kinahan
Ulster Unionist Party
McCrea, R.T.W.
Democratic Unionist Party
Party spending in 2015
Party spending in South Antrim

Total spending £52,078 (ranked 116 of 18)

Conservative Con 5.9%
Labour Lab 0.0%
Liberal Democrats LD 0.0%
UK Independence Party UKIP 0.0%
Green Party Gre 0.0%
Scottish National Party SNP 0.0%
Plaid Cymru PC 0.0%
Other Oth 3.8%
Alliance Party AP 3.6%
Social Democratic & Labour Party SDLP 7.5%
Sinn Féin SF 6.7%
Democratic Unionist Party DUP 38.3%
Ulster Unionist Party UUP 34.2%
Demographics in South Antrim
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South Antrim Assembly constituency
Upcoming elections
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2017 Northern Ireland Assembly election results
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Party seats
South Antrim results for Northern Ireland Assembly election, 2017

Share of election votes

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Party spending in 2017
Party spending in South Antrim

Demographics in South Antrim
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