Glasgow Baillieston Scottish Parliament constituency
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2007 Scottish Parliament election results
Constituency MSP
Top-up region MSPs 5 Scottish National Party, 2 Green Party, 1 Conservative, 1 Labour, 1 UK Independence Party, 1 Plaid Cymru, 1 Liberal Democrats
Region Glasgow
Glasgow Baillieston results for Scottish Parliament election, 2007

Share of constituency votes

Party Votes Share Swing
Margaret Curran
Lab 9,141 52.9% +0.1
Lachie McNeill
SNP 5,207 30.1% +11.1
Richard Sullivan
Con 1,276 7.4% -0.7
David Jackson
LD 1,060 6.1% -0.4
George Hargreaves
SCP 588 3.4%

Share of top-up region votes: Glasgow region

Share of vote and seats
Votes Share Seats
Labour Lab
8,072 44.3%
Scottish National Party SNP
4,857 26.6% 4
Conservative Con
1,038 5.7% 1
Solidarity Sol
800 4.4%
Liberal Democrats LD
725 4.0%
Green Party Gre
388 2.1% 1
Scottish Christian Union SCU
348 1.9%
Scottish Socialist Party SSP
160 0.9%
UK Independence Party UKIP
33 0.2%
Independent Ind
14 0.1%
Other Oth
1,801 9.9%
Elected regional members for Glasgow region
Bashir Ahmad
Scottish National Party SNP
Sandra White
Scottish National Party SNP
Bob Doris
Scottish National Party SNP
Bill Kidd
Scottish National Party SNP
Bill Aitken
Conservative Con
Patrick Harvie
Green Party Gre
Seat background for Glasgow Baillieston constituency
Last four Constituency MSPs for Glasgow Baillieston
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Party spending in 2007
Party spending in Glasgow Baillieston
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Demographics in Glasgow Baillieston
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