EU Referendum: Declaration Times and Council Estimates

22 June 2016

After the polls close at 10pm on Thursday night 400 count centres will begin the process of counting votes. Each will announce their own result separately, before being collated regionally and then the overall result. Early results are expected in around 12.30am in Sunderland, and the latest councils to announce are likely to be around 7 or 8am on Friday morning. Find out when to expect yours below. Lighter shades mean earlier, and darker shades mean later.

The map also includes Chris Hanretty’s estimates for how each area leans compared to the national vote, based on British Election Study Data.

The Dashboard will have all the council results on Friday when they come in, make sure to check back.

Note: Northern Ireland results will be collected by constituency rather than council, and while their results will be announced separately through the night, these will be provisional rather than official results.