Local Election 2018 Preview: Hastings

19 April 2018

Current Make Up: Con 8 Lab 24 LD 0 Others 0

Control: Labour

Projection: Labour to Retain Control

Hastings is also safe Labour council, making it a relatively unremarkable contest on the face of things. However, both Labour and Conservatives, as well as the Lib Dems, have all had a turn controlling the council in the last 20 years. As Stephen Bush points out, the elections here are of interest because Amber Rudd’s marginal seat is Hastings. There are good chances that the gains Labour made here in the general election will continue at local council level also – 5 of the 8 Tory seats here are up for election and Labour will fancy their chances. A good night for the Conservatives would see Labour make only minimal gains here, which would bode well for Rudd’s chances of holding her seat at the next general election.

Candidates, previous results, Brexit vote breakdown - Democratic Dashboard has all the data you need ahead of the May Local Elections.

Image: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hastings