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What is the Democratic Dashboard?

The Democratic Dashboard provides easy-to-understand information for voters about elections in their area. The Dashboard is easy to use. Simply enter your postcode or area on the homepage, and you will find out what elections are coming up for your area, who is running, where to vote, and details of previous results.

The Dashboard was developed in response to research showing that the gap in voting rates between young people and older people is higher in the UK than in any other developed democracy, and that easy to access digital information for young voters could help to address that chasm. Since 2015, the Dashboard has been used by over a million people.

Democratic Dashboard is currently run by Democratic Society, who work across Europe to connect citizens with the decisions that shape their lives. We work with a range of partners and volunteers across the democratic and civil society sector to reliably source the data that populates the Dashboard. The site was first established by a separate organisation - the Democratic Audit - in 2015.

To find out which elections are listed on this site please see our about page. This site is designed to make information about elections easier to find. It focusses on scheduled elections and does not list every upcoming election.

How do I contact the Dashboard press office?

For media enquiries, please contact Democratic Society at