Aberdeen South and North Kincardine Scottish Parliament constituency
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2021 Scottish Parliament election results
Winner Scottish National Party Hold (4.3% majority)
Constituency MSP Audrey Nicoll
Top-up region MSPs 4 Conservative, 2 Labour, 1 Green Party
Region North East Scotland
Electorate 58,805 (-1.7% since 2015)
Aberdeen South and North Kincardine results for Scottish Parliament election, 2021

Share of constituency votes

Party Votes Share Swing
Audrey Nicoll
SNP 16,500 42.3% +0.2
Liam Kerr
Con 14,829 38.0% +4.5
Lynn Thomson
Lab 4,505 11.6% -5.8
Ian Yuill
Lib 2,889 7.4% +0.3

Share of top-up region votes: North East Scotland region

Share of vote and seats
Votes Share Seats
Scottish National Party SNP
147,910 40.9%
Conservative Con
110,555 30.6% 4
Labour Lab
41,062 11.4% 2
Green Party Gre
22,735 6.3% 1
Liberal Democrats LD
18,051 5.0%
UK Independence Party UKIP
599 0.2%
Other Oth
20,445 5.7%
Elected regional members for North East Scotland region
Liam Kerr
Conservative Con
Douglas Lumsden
Conservative Con
Maurice Golden
Conservative Con
Tess White
Conservative Con
Michael Marra
Labour Lab
Mercedes Villalba
Labour Lab
Maggie Chapman
Green Party Gre
Seat background for Aberdeen South and North Kincardine constituency
Last four Constituency MSPs for Aberdeen South and North Kincardine
Audrey Nicoll
Scottish National Party
Maureen Watt
Scottish National Party
Maureen Watt
Scottish National Party