Moray Scottish Parliament constituency
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2007 Scottish Parliament election results
Winner Scottish National Party Hold (26.2% majority)
Constituency MSP Richard Lochhead
Top-up region MSPs 3 Scottish National Party, 3 Labour, 2 Conservative, 1 Alliance Party, 1 Social Democratic & Labour Party, 1 UK Independence Party, 1 Plaid Cymru, 1 Green Party, 1 Other
Region Highlands and Islands
Moray results for Scottish Parliament election, 2007

Share of constituency votes

Party Votes Share Swing
Richard Lochhead
SNP 15,045 49.7% +7.5
Mary Scanlon
Con 7,121 23.5% +1.0
Lee Butcher
Lab 4,580 15.1% -4.0
Dominique Rommel
LD 3,528 11.7% -0.5

Share of top-up region votes: Highlands and Islands region

Share of vote and seats
Votes Share Seats
Scottish National Party SNP
12,629 41.5% 2
Conservative Con
5,990 19.7% 2
Labour Lab
5,086 16.7% 3
Liberal Democrats LD
2,957 9.7%
Green Party Gre
1,230 4.0%
Scottish Christian Union SCU
637 2.1%
UK Independence Party UKIP
246 0.8%
Solidarity Sol
215 0.7%
Scottish Socialist Party SSP
94 0.3%
Independent Ind
0 0.0%
Other Oth
1,377 4.5%
Elected regional members for Highlands and Islands region
Rob Gibson
Scottish National Party SNP
David Thompson
Scottish National Party SNP
Mary Scanlon
Conservative Con
Jamie McGrigor
Conservative Con
Peter Peacock
Labour Lab
Rhoda Grant
Labour Lab
David Stewart
Labour Lab
Seat background for Moray constituency
Last four Constituency MSPs for Moray
Richard Lochhead
Scottish National Party
Margaret Ewing
Scottish National Party
Margaret Ewing
Scottish National Party